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Burgess Binoviewer Corrector

Started by DonDurbin, 07/16/2005 07:47PM
Posted 07/16/2005 07:47PM Opening Post
Hi All,

I have to say that I really had doubts when I looked at that $29 corrector. It just looks like the lower element out of a Barlow with 1 1/4" thread.

I walked outside and I saw a hole through the cloud layer. I grabbed my Orion 8" Atlas and put it on the Orion Atlas mount. I swung around to the moon centered it in the finder and could not find it in the eyepiece. I really hate the dovetail finder mounts on the Orion DOBs and reflectors. After tuning to the brightest point with dec and RA and resetting the finder, I popped in the Burgess binoviewer with the corrector and could not quite focus. The 2" to 1 1/4" adapter was one of those high-hat with the 'T' threads. I went inside and got the ultra low profile adapter and slid the binoviewer with corrector home. I actually had to rack out a little to come to focus on the moon.

Bottom line is that it works!! :>) I admit I did not think it would. That 100mm light path has got to be the main factor in making that thing work.

I bet with a focal reducer and an extension tube I could get that 2X power down pretty low.

Don Durbin
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Posted 07/19/2005 07:08PM #1
To All,

I brought out the 8" Orion Atlas tonight and focused on Jupiter. I used a pair of Siebert 24mm Ultra wides. I had to go all the way out on the focuser on this scope using a single Siebert 24mm Ultra wide. There have been some EPs that I needed a short extension in order to reach focus when using this scope.

This scope has always had good in-travel. With the Siebert 24mm Ultra wides in the Burgess and the Burgess corrector installed. I had to rack the focuser almost all the way in to reach focus. I measured the in-travel I needed to focus at 1.4" or 35mm.

Don Durbin
Posted 07/21/2005 09:01PM #2
Don, where did you get the low profile adapter? I too got the Burgess corrector lens for my XT10, but was disappointed to find that I'm still about 1/8" short of being able to come to focus.