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Burgess Binoviewer with FS-128

Started by DonDurbin, 05/30/2005 08:16PM
Posted 05/30/2005 08:16PM Opening Post
Hi All,

Well I was out tonight with my TAK FS-128 and my Burgess BV-125c.

The FS-128 has a ton of in-focus travel and will focus my Burgess, Denkmeier, and Siebert binoviewers without any corrector.

I have to say I really like the Burgess binoviewer. They are the lightest of all my binoviewers and have the shortest light path.

I doubled up on my Nagler 4.8 with one I found on Astromart. Televue EPs are really amazing in the I have bought a number of my pairs at different times and so far they have all been parfocal. The seeing was not that great tonight. It has not been good all holiday weekend, but I was determined to get in some viewing tonight and I did get some holes in the clouds to look through. The 4.8's were a little too powerful for tonight's conditions but I think this is going to become one of my preferred combinations.

I also got in a pair of 9mm HD Ortho's and they gave the best views of the night. I tried to get 7mm HD orthos but they went back order and I finally settled for the 9mm.

Using my 19mm Panoptics, I tried an experiment I had read about earlier with a light orange filter on one EP and a light yellow filter on the other EP. The light yellow filter brought out a little more detail on the bands on Jupiter, but I did not get any enhanced 3D effect with both eyes. I should have tried putting the yellow filter in the bottom of the binoviewer but I wanted to try the Naglers and the Ortho's out.

During a period when clouds obscured Jupiter I swung over to Saturn but it was already a little too low and had a lot of ripple in the image. The Ortho's were the best on it also.

I wanted to try some DSO images with my DSI camera but I felt it never really cleared up enough.

Don Durbin