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BW Optik vignetting

Started by nils_schoultz, 11/20/2002 09:05PM
Posted 11/20/2002 09:05PM Opening Post
Hello all,
I am interested in this binoviewer, but it seems there is disagreement on exactly how low you can go with it in terms of power before light loss occurs.
The rule of thumb is that anything higher power than 26mm is ok, but shouldn't the field stop size affect matters? If the prisms only have a clear path of 22mms, doesn't this spell trouble for a 24mm panoptic (field stop 27mms), and a 23mm Axiom, 24.5mm Meade swa, etc as well?
Also, if there is darkening, is it likely to be evident just on the edges of the field of view, or will it darken the entire view?
If anyone has any experience with these issues, I'd be very grateful for your advice. Thanks for your time, and I hope that these issues are of interest to others as well.
Nils Schoultz