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C-14 Binoviewing

Started by Charles Geiger, 11/26/2005 06:41PM
Posted 11/26/2005 06:41PM Opening Post
I have ordered and am awaiting a WO Binoviewer. I have a C-14 and it appears my 'low power' will be approximately 195X if the unit comes to focus without the OCA. With the OCA @ 1.6X the magnification will be 312X. (These assumptions are based on the 20mm eyepieces supplied). And it appears that 25mm oculars will be the longest one can use to get full illumination due to the prism size in the binoviewers...
Question 1) Has anyone experience using this binoviewer with the C-14 and what are your impressions?
Question 2) Will the standard f/6.3 focal reducer/corrector work with this system?
Question 3) Is there a focal reducer that will work if the above does not?
Question 4) Could one push to a 30mm with a C-14 and get nearly full field illumination?
Last Question) Can one stack the 1.6X OCA with a Televue 2.5X Barlow in this setup to get more options for power?

Thanks for your responses in advance.
Posted 11/26/2005 07:04PM #1
Hi Charles,

I have a Celestron 9.25 which is known for its limited focus range. Your C14 should have more focus travel than I do so you should have no problems focusing without the OCA.

I have Burgess, Denk, and Siebert binoviewers. I can tell you that a Denk 1 1/4" StarSweeper, or a Siebert 1 1/4" focal reducer cell should work fine with your new binoviewer.

I also have a Celestron SCT focal reducer but I am not sure I have ever tried using it with my binoviewers.

As far as stacking goes, I suggest you try using the Siebert focal reducer or the Denk StarSweeper with the OCA in front of it.

Don Durbin
Posted 11/26/2005 08:18PM #2
I have the Siebert Optics reducer and it works great. It gives a much wider field then my single eyepieces do.

M. R.
10 Meade SCT.
8" Orion Dob
Siebert 1.5x-7x MM OCA
BN 22mm (45mm 2" Elite Binoviewer on order)
and Siebert 15mm and 24mm Ultra ep's