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change of subject !!

Started by jake100, 02/06/2004 08:27PM
Posted 02/06/2004 08:27PM Opening Post
Does anybody know about these guys? "BC&F Bino-Mate Binoviewer". New ad in the classified/sponser section. Thanks Jim K
Posted 02/07/2004 02:19PM #1
BC&F - now mainly known as Telescope House - is a long established astro company based in London, UK. I saw the Bino-Mate bv's for the first time today at the annual exhibition, AstroFest. There was no detail available about them on the stand as the product is brand new, but it seems that they are a bespoke design using components mainly from the Far East with a fairly narrow clear aperture. The external appearance is quite nice with an 'expensive feel'. The price, however, is very low by the standards of UK-produced equipment, and it will be interesting to find out why that is when the details of the unit are finally publicised.

All the best,

Martin Hopewell
Posted 02/07/2004 05:31PM #2
Some questions I recently sent them. I will post reply when received.

Is the Bino-Mate (BM) compatible with these 2 (Meade SN-8 and AR-6) scopes and full range of eyepieces 6.4 - 40 mm Meade Anniversary sets?
What is the clear aperture of the BM?
Is there a need for a barlow or OCA to bring this binoviewer into focus?
Is there a magnification factor with this binoviewer?
Are all surfaces coated or multi-coated or fully multi-coated?
What is the coating on the light splitting prism?
When is the BM shipping?