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Started by deepsky10us, 12/23/2003 10:16PM
Posted 12/23/2003 10:16PM Opening Post
It seems like Jeffrey has been having a hard time making a decision and these decision should not be made quickly. Either unit (Denk std or Black Night) have received the highest honors from their users. But if you are leaning toward the Denk std and want the benefit of a Focal length reducer that you know will focus in your 9.25 as attested by some on this group you may want to get the Denk standard and one of Siebert Optics focal length reducer. He may be able to make a monocle out of one for you if he needs to. Just kidd'n. That way you can have it both ways and support both vendors. I have heard a few individuals who have thrown out the idea that you should not mix and match components from different manufacturers, but I disagree. The binoviewer is not made for the accessories, the accessories are made for the binoviewer. So if a manufacturer has access to numerous binoviewers then he can custom make accessories to go with them that should work as good or better than the manufactured supplied accessories. I think you will agree that there are some companies like Williams Optics and Televue that are selling better diagonals than the dealer supplied diagonal. Now to be fair I am not saying Siebert Optics accessories will be better than a Denkmeier accessory for a Denk binoviewer. But every bit as good? Why not? If I am not mistaken Mr. Siebert has purchased and keeps on hand numerous binoviewers for R&D purposes of accessories. Now why would anyone insist on NOT going outside of a vendor's product line to support his binoviewer? Your guess is as good as mine. I personally have a Siebert Optics Focal length reducer for my TV unit and SCT. I also use optical correctors from other manufacturers on binoviewers such as the Zeiss/Garcia and BW Optiks unit with great results. So far even when an optical corrector was used that was not intended for that binoviewer no problems were detected. So much less should that be the case for one that was designed for the specific unit no matter who the manufacturer is. In fact, I only know of one example of a mismatch between binoviewer and optical corrector and out of courtesy for the manufacturer I will not mention it.

Posted 12/24/2003 02:46AM #1

He can get the Black Nights and the focal reducer for less than the cost of the Denk std. Why spend more than you need to?

I have a C9.25 Gray tube with a WO focuser and a WO diagonal that I use with my Black Nights and a .5 focal reducer from Siebert Optics. I have plenty of focus.

Don Durbin