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Denk Power Switch

Started by, 02/28/2004 10:12PM
Posted 02/28/2004 10:12PM Opening Post
Who else is as excited about Russ' Power X Switch as I am? I commented on another chat room about the zooming effect. I've never (and I'm assuming that goes for just about everybody) had the opportunity to jump magnification on an object WHILE looking at it. Russ' PS can do three mag choices, 1.3, 2, 2.5. This means, using a 16mm Nag on my DenkII, I can go in my 12.5 f/6 from 154X, to 240X, and finally up to 385X! Scotty, give me warp power!



16" f/4.52 ATM Truss Dob, Discovery Mirror
Denk II w/nags junkie

Posted 02/29/2004 06:11AM #1
Your right Guy, it does sound like a cool accessory. If they
have any for sale at NEAF I'm going to get me one.

Pat G.