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Denk Power "X" Switch

Started by jkurtz555, 03/18/2004 06:30AM
Posted 03/18/2004 06:30AM Opening Post
I believe this will be offered soon so could someone explain to this newbie the advantages of this accessory...Thanks!
Posted 03/19/2004 03:34AM #1

I'll jump in as a cronie. I haven't been earning my pay lately and I risk losing my stock options. I'm working my way up to full marketing apprentice.

What worried me about the Power X Switch was how it would switch, especially to high power. I had envisioned a sliding lower element. The 2" OCS in 2.5x mode has only one group of 2 elements in there and it works very well. The Power X switch looks like it just switches between 1.4x and 2.5x mode my removing the upper lens group. That means the 1.4x mode is the same as the old OCS (optically) and the 2.5x mode is the same. Wasn't as worried about the 1.4x mode as I don't use that for critical detail viewing. But the fact that the switch is made by removing the upper group makes me expect it will perform similarly to the current 2.5x mode as they both share the exact same optical setup.

While I am looking forward to the Power X Swtich, a zoom OCS would be keen. Glen asked earlier what benefits that would bring. Well, the exact same as a zoom ep, observing wise. It's just a really BIG zoom ep. But, if you've read many reviews on zoom ep's, most do not replace high power planetary ep's. The Nagler zoom seems to fill this gap well, but I haven't seen any others that do. I have only tried the GTO zoom and it was fun, but did not earn a spot in my ep case. If Harry makes a zoom OCS that does all those things he said it would and retains very high quality images, then good for him.

Clear skies,