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Denk standards with Maxscope 40

Started by dreamsofarafel, 02/08/2004 03:35PM
Posted 02/08/2004 03:35PM Opening Post
I've read about people using BV's with other scopes equiped with the solarmax filters but I can't find anything about using BV's with the Maxscope.

Does this combo work? Any comments, positive or negative about this setup would be greatly appreciated.

Should I post this question to the Coronado forum instead of this forum?
Posted 02/08/2004 03:59PM #1
Hi Garry,

I don't have a clue as to the right or wrong answer to your question but I would suggest that you contact Coronado and ask them. I think they have an association with Denkmeier Optical as well so they probably can give you the best advice possible. If it's possible, do it and don't look back! You'll be happy.

Clear Skies,

Posted 02/09/2004 07:41PM #2
Garry: As John has said, BV use with the MaxScope 40 is apparently fine. I had the same question and communicated with Bill Dean at Coronado. I had concerns about whether the focuser could handle the weight of the BV and EP's. Bill said no problem. The OCS is definitely required to reach focus with the BV unless you want to cut the tube length down a little. Bill also said that the BF10 blocking filter will provide more pleasing views than the BF5 with a BV due to the increased FOV.

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