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Started by Hans Tucker, 01/27/2007 04:18PM
Posted 01/27/2007 04:18PM Opening Post
If I really had a reportable gripe with Denkmeier it would be that they don't mark the accessories that come with their Binoviewers. I purchased as Denkmeier Binoviewer refractor package and it came with it's custom aluminium transit case, Binoviewer, 1.25" adapter and another item which appears to be a 2" optical device. I am assuming that this might be the 2" OCS Cell but I thought the OCS wasn't as long as this item and when I try and screw it into the Takahashi 2" Diagonal it only screws in 1 or 2 threads. The device in question doesn't match up with the illustrations in the Denkmeier instructions in the section pertaining to the Denkmeier Binoviewer Refractor package.
Posted 01/27/2007 06:50PM #1
Hans, it's possbile you were shipped the wrong component. I suggest you give Russ at Denkmeier a call. He'll be glad to help you out.