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Denkmeier questions for owners

Started by mastervisa, 03/09/2003 08:23AM
Posted 03/09/2003 08:23AM Opening Post
I've almost decided on Denkmeier. Just the Standard unit. With OCS. Are any of you Denkmeier owners thinking of switching to the Premium unit, or going for the factory retrofit? Or are you happy with your current Standard? If the reviews are all about the Standard, won't I be happy with that? Improvements to products are usually small after a certain level of expertise is reached. Large improvements can render the original product obsolete, and unwanted. ISTMIMHOBWDIK (It seems to me in my humble opinon but what do I know)
Posted 03/09/2003 02:47PM #1
Hello Anthony. I have the standard version Denk binoviewer and absolutely love it. Yes, I'm sure someday I will send it in for the upgrade although mine works excellent the way it is. I will hate to be without it while it is away.

Pat Gillies

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Posted 03/10/2003 05:40AM #2
Hi Anthony,

I own the Denkmeier standard model with a 2" OCS. I use it on my 4" APO, 10" dob and 20" dob. It is an incredible setup! I am amazed at what the folks at Denkmeier can do, not to mention the unsurpassed customer service. I plan to upgrade to the premium model because I am looking for the "ultimate experience" in binoviewing and think that the improvements will be quite noticable. You can always upgrade later if you purchase the standard now. The price difference is the same $200.00, unless that changes down the road - Russ could tell you.
Posted 03/11/2003 06:02PM #3
I've owned the Denkmeier standard for about a month, now. This is one outstanding instrument. It completely redefines astronomy. The quality is awesome.

Denkmeier also has awesome customer service. I was the rare customer who experienced a problem, so I got to try out their customer service. They were fast, thorough, and very professional. Hope you do not have a problem, but if you do, know that Russ will take good care of you.

Will I upgrade to the premium? I currently consider that very unlikely. I really can't imagine it would be enough better that I would pay the additional $200. Not that I couldn't afford it, but I have other places I think the money is better spent (don't we all). But when the reviews come out comparing the Premium with the Standard, I may change my mind.

I am glad knowing I can upgrade later if I choose to do so.

You won't regret buying the standard even if you decide later to upgrade to the premium. When you do purchase, you'll wish you had purchased sooner, so why wait for the premium?