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Denkmeir and Tv 76

Started by stubby, 07/30/2003 07:49AM
Posted 07/30/2003 07:49AM Opening Post
A little fuzzy on which system would be required for the Televue 76 refractor. Is the 1.25 inch vs 2 inch a light/field of view issue or a compatability issue? What do I need to make this puppy work, believe I have come down with the fever! Many thanks, colin
Posted 07/30/2003 09:32AM #1
Best thing to do is to email or call Russ at Denkmeier. I don't think anyone is more qualified to answer your questions than Russ! I've called and talked to him, he answered all my questions. Nice person!
Posted 07/30/2003 10:52AM #2
The advise to talk to Russ is right. A very good guy, very helpful. I just got a Denk Deep Sky and have used it just a bit in my TV85.

Regarding your question-if I understand it correctly-it's a "light/fov issue". You can use the 1.25 or 2" OCS. For the 76, you'll need a part T and part S with the 1.25" setup (along with the part O).

If you go 2", you'll need a part SR along with the part O. Russ will set you straight on it. I was out last night with it and was pleased with it, need to get it to a darker sky site so I can see what this li'l puppy can really do....
Good luck,