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Eyepiece confusion

Started by JamesMiller, 03/16/2005 06:10PM
Posted 03/16/2005 06:10PM | Edited 03/16/2005 06:17PM Opening Post
Celestron Nexstar11GPS f/10 SCT, with a homemade binoviewer,
to be almost exclusively used for planetary observing. I'm
torn between getting a couple of 15mm OWL superwides, or
spending more for a pair of 18mm UO HD orthos. FOV is not an
issue. I've never looked through either. (I've only looked
through a 25mm UO abbe once before, through a sidewalk
astronomer's 8" Meade SCT - at Jupiter. Even under
Baltimore's light polluted skies, it was nice!

My only concern is the added magnification introduced by the
binoviewer adding path length may be a bit much for the 15.
I might have to actually go with the 20s. (My Radian 14mm
is about the limit of how high I can go most nights in

"Don't drop the banana!"
"Why not?"
"Good source of potassium!"
Posted 03/16/2005 06:27PM #1
Hi Jim. With my NS11 and binoviewer, under medium city light pollution
I don't get much use out of my 15mm eps whereas my 19's see the most use.
Pat G.
Posted 03/16/2005 09:14PM #2
I don't have the UO HD but I do have a pair of "Circle V" Celestron-labelled 18mm Ortho -- and they are wonderful, much better than 18mm Ultima. Don't know why nobody makes a 15mm Ortho.