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Eyepiece recommendations

Started by Ed Ashton, 03/04/2005 09:22AM
Posted 03/04/2005 09:22AM Opening Post
I plan to buy a Denkmeier II binoviewer with a dual-arm Powerswitch. I want to use it with two telescopes: a Takahashi FS 128 refractor and an 11" F/5.4 Starmaster. I'd like to acquire two or three sets of eyepieces to use with both instruments, that will give a range of magnfications with the Powerswitch. What eyepieces would you recommend with these instruments if price was no object? What would you recommend if price was a concern? I'm mostly interested in lunar and planetary viewing, with occasional deep-sky. Sorry if this has been covered in other threads, but there's so much information to wade through I was hoping to get right to the point!
Posted 03/04/2005 09:43AM #1
i'm sort of a newbie
but i'll share my experience
the 2x multiplier in my system is more like 2.6x
others have reported 2.2x

the result of 2.6x is that it multiplied my EP mag more than local seeing conditions usually tolerate (i picked an EP based on 2x mag).

if you really know what mags you like for planetary viewing get the bino first with a starter set of EPs, measure your actual magnification, then fine tune to your high power sweet spot with a high end set.

i have a pair of antares 19 mm w70's if you're interested in a starter set before "the price is no object" phase wink