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Fast Refractor

Started by stuper1, 07/07/2003 12:02PM
Posted 07/07/2003 12:02PM Opening Post
Do binoviewers work well with a fast refractor - something like a Stellarvue 80mm f/6? If so, are there any particular binoviewers that work better with such a scope? Or ones I should stay away from for such a scope? TIA.
Posted 07/07/2003 02:49PM #1
I've been using Siebert Black Night binoviewers with my AT1010 for a few days, mainly lunar and terrestrial so far. I bought these binos partly because they are a little lighter than most others, to minimise balance issues. These binos need the 1.8x OCA to reach focus in the AT1010 but otherwise they work fine in this scope optically. No problem merging images, no obvious chromatic effects, detail on lunar surface is still as sharp as you would expect with the Stellarvue. Especially with a 2" diagonal, balance on a camera/video-type tripod is an issue when the scope is tilted up over 20* or so, so I'm getting an adapter bar made to shift the centre of balance to compensate. The 2" diagonal gives a more secure hold for the binos than a 1.25".

Ian Gibbs
Posted 07/07/2003 04:09PM #2
I've been using a recent model of Lomo binoviewers in both a Pronto and a TV85 and have had a really wonderful time with lunar and planetary viewing. I've become very interested in lunar viewing completely due to the views through the Lomos!
There is a trick with the balance, but well worth the trouble for the type of viewing that opens up when you're using both eyes. I've been simply amazed! Recently picked up a pair of standard Denks that should be delivered later this week! I've only used my Lomos in the TV refractors and have had a terrific time. Is that enough of an endorsement?
Good luck,
Posted 07/07/2003 04:42PM #3
For lunar and planetary a binoviewer is great in a small scope.

Tom T.
Posted 07/07/2003 04:53PM #4
been using a TV bino and 2x amplifier with my TV Genesis(nonsdf) f/5,no EP sets are 32mm TV plossls,24mm UO Konigs and 19mm TV panoptics.low power rich field viewing is just great with a bino and a fast refractor!!!!
Posted 07/07/2003 05:26PM #5
I use a number of binoviewers in my 6" f/8 refractor's and my 80mm f/7 Brugess. There is no particular one to go with, most Vendors/manufactuers will give you your money back in 30 days if you do not like their binoviewer.


Posted 07/07/2003 11:51PM #6
Stuart, my BW Optik binoviewer comes to focus in my AT1010 with a Meade 140 Barlow, and gives a nice crisp, clear view. I haven't tried an OCA/OCS, but probably will, sometime, when my bank balance recovers.

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Posted 07/08/2003 02:41AM #7
I use the AP/Baader on a 90mm f/4.9 refractor and a 90mm f/6.6 refractor.

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