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favorite bv eyepieces?...

Started by GeorgeK, 09/25/2002 02:00PM
Posted 09/25/2002 02:00PM Opening Post
Besides the 19 mm Panoptics, what does everyone like to view through? I am considering buying a BV and of course, need a pair or two of eps. Has anyone tried the celestron axioms, or the Widescans, or the Seibert ultras? (really don't want to spend all the extra money on the Tvs for my F5 scope).
Posted 09/25/2002 02:06PM #1
are you looking for widefield or high power?

Posted 09/25/2002 07:44PM #2
If one can find (and afford) them, the limited edition Zeiss Abbe orthos are the best binoviewing eyepieces available. They are my primary bv observing eyepieces. However, the short eye relief on the 6mm and the 4mm make them a bit uncomfortable to use. For wide field bv observing, I use 22 Panoptics (soon to be replaced with the new 24 Panoptics), 16 Naglers t5, 13 Naglers t6, 9 Naglers t6, 7 Naglers t6, Radians 5 and 3. I will probably add the 19 pans and replace the 5 Radians with the 5 Naglers.

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