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Finally a night with the WO Binoviewer!

Started by fblue, 01/29/2006 11:53AM
Posted 01/29/2006 11:53AM | Edited 01/29/2006 11:53AM Opening Post
Well, I got the chance to use the WO Bino on the 10" f/6 Astro Sky with a ZOC mirror last night.
I have to admit the views of M42 were most impressive. It showed more of the nebula without a filter than I have ever seen with a filter. It was spectacular to say the least and my friend and I were both impressed. He said the contrast was the best he had ever seen.
Also the views of Saturn were also very good with great contrast and detail. Open clusters were nice but not as the other objects, but still a nice look.
I can not wait for the chance to see Globular Clusters.

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[SIZE="Large"][/SIZE][COLOR="Blue"][/COLOR] Floyd Blue grin
Amateur Imager
Posted 01/29/2006 05:57PM | Edited 01/29/2006 06:02PM #1
Hi Floyd

How do you get it to focus in your Dob. Can you use the WO corrector in the bottom of the binoviewer. Also do you get a lot of vignetting with the 26mm plossls.

M. R.
10 Meade SCT.
8" Orion Dob
Siebert 1.5x-7x MM OCA
BN 22mm (45mm 2" Elite Binoviewer on order)
and Siebert 15mm and 24mm Ultra ep's
Posted 01/29/2006 07:06PM #2
Great to hear these are working so well for you! I got my new pair of WO Binoviewers last Saturday and await decent weather. Hope I have the same experience.
Posted 01/31/2006 11:07AM #3
Hey Floyd,
Glad you finally got a chance to try out your bino's! I'm happy for you that you're pleased with them! I couldn't agree with you more concerning their performance on nebulas...I find the level of detail they reveal to be astonishing, and yes, I think I enjoy M-42 more without filters on bino's than with filters. I'm really looking forward to trying them on the summer nebulas to see if this holds true there as well. Enjoying high power views of the planets without the aggravation of floaters visible in a single eye is a big plus. too! What do you think about globulars? So far I prefer mono-viewing for globulars and open clusters. I think that a single eyepiece will reveal fainter stars better and help resolve the globulars. Does this reflect your experience as well?
Larry Seguin
Taos, New Mexico