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Finally found a second 15mm Pan

Started by tomhole, 02/15/2004 04:23PM
Posted 02/15/2004 04:23PM Opening Post
Been looking for a while and almost got a pair of 15mm TV plossls instead. But one finally turned up. I may eventually replace them with 16mm T5 Naglers, but we'll see.

I have come to dislike my 10mm Ultimas and 11mm TV plossls a lot. Great images, but just terribly uncomfortable to use. Thinking of trying a pair of Radians. Issues that concern me:

1. Barrel diameter - They are 1.8" in diameter which is almost as big as my 24 Pans (1.9"). But they are not tapered at the top like the Pans.

2. Instajust click stop thingy - many folks report a dislike of this feature and it would seem to be a PITA for binoviewing.

My other option is a pair of 11mm Nagler T6's, but the Radians would be cheaper.

Any comments are welcome.

Clear skies,

Posted 02/15/2004 07:54PM #1

You will never, ever, ever regret buying the 16 T5's. Many people raved or drooled over owning a pair, and that made me finally purchase a pair for my new DenkII.

They have a 10mm eye relief, which requires getting in kind'a close. I don't mind that, and in fact I believe it helps frame the objects with the aperature stop. Resting your cheek bone ever so lightly on the eyepiece cup helps a great deal. Then relax and "fall" into the core of many a deep sky object.



16" f/4.52 ATM Truss Dob, Discovery Mirror
Denk II w/nags junkie

Posted 02/16/2004 08:29AM #2

I really enjoy using my pair of 11mm T6 Naglers. This combination, with my TV BV, is one where the equipment just seems to get out of the way. The eye relief make it feel comfortable and quite natural, without having to put any pressure on the eyecups. An effect very similar to my 24 Pans, but with a larger field of view.


Matthew Sherman
Posted 02/16/2004 11:57AM #3

Congradulations on finding the 15mm Pan. I think that you will be very pleased with that eyepiece. I had a pair for two years and was very satisfield with them. They are much more enjoyable to use than a pair of 15mm Plossls (or 14mm Radians for the reasons that you mentioned).

Yes, the 16mm T5 Naglers are even better than the 15mm Pans but the Pans are so nice there is no need to be in a hurry to upgrade to them. I'd finish the rest of my set first and then maybe go back and revisit this issue later.

The 11mm T6s Naglers are also great for binoviewing as are the 7mm, 9mm and 13mm T6s Naglers (I have not tried the shorter focal lengths).