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Floyd, come over to the dark side, hsssss.

Started by fblue, 11/06/2005 03:13PM
Posted 11/06/2005 03:13PM Opening Post
Ok, Ok, I feel to the power of the dark side and bought the WO Binoviewers from Eurvin to give binoviewing a chance.
Now, it comes with 20mm WO Eps, which I had one of and it was not to my liking. Do they work better with the Binos than as a single EP?
Anything anyone can tell me too help with the transition to binoviewing? How about the WO Binos, anything you can say that I should know about?
Thanks, smile

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Posted 11/17/2005 07:49PM #1
Well, I received my 15mm TV Plossl, now I need to get a mate for it. I will keep my eyes open in the ads for another one. I got a great price on this one, so I guess I could pay a little more for the next one if necessary.
Of course the skys are all clouded up now! I have yet to get the chance to try the Binoviewer.
On top of that I have sprained my right foot and can not stand or walk! cwy Not good. But I can only hope that it will be better for the next new Moon.

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