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Started by Chad Cummins, 12/13/2003 06:30AM
Posted 12/13/2003 06:30AM Opening Post
With every effort to avoid a flame war did you BK bino guys know that you can remove the bottem off of a 2X shorty barlow and replace the lower element of the OCA and get a 2.5 X OCA.... I tried it last night and had to mess with the spacing to get the focus point right but it worked. Still don't have a detailed report on my BK bino because it was too cold to wait for my mirror to cool... Indianapolis was 18 last night....
Posted 12/13/2003 06:43AM #1

How did you know when you got the focus point right? Did you just duplicate the same point of focus? Did you mark the lower element of your OCA so you get it back in the same place? I know to ask this question since I did not mark mine just now :<(

Posted 12/13/2003 06:45AM #2

How critical is the distance between the upper and lower elements on your 1.8x OCA and what negative results will you see if that distance is not correct?