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Started by deepsky10us, 03/11/2006 07:45AM
Posted 03/11/2006 07:45AM | Edited 03/11/2006 07:49AM Opening Post
Most of your Chinese microscope head conversions are good today. But, IMO I think only four conversion unit are worth the money. So here is my list of conversion units to take a good look at. This is not a number one is the best and the rest follow list.
The two most innovating companies out there today are my fist two that should be looked at. They being the ones by Dank and Siebert. These two companies have made some of the most advanced optical designs to date for binos. Their asking prices are way to low. But in todays market with all the cheap binos out there, they have to keep theirs as low as they can. Badder is a company that does and always will use top grade optics in their binos. SV is one company that will not let garbage out their doors. Vic has come a long way very fast and I would never look at his stuff as being low end.
side note:
As for Bill B., well he and I go way back. At one time he had two of the best artists with metal and his stuff was at that time was made here in the USA and very worth the money. His focuser's were the best on the market. It is sad to see a man that once made some of the best, go to a man that can only talk and not deliver.
on a different note it is to bad that is unlikely that BB's backpacker will ever see the light of day and a $400 80mm Archro. is a poor sub at f/11 even if it is given a fancy name and claims to be design by Thomas Beck. I think it is devious to claim that an achromatic objective listed as not using spec. ED glass, that it would be four times superior without stating what it is superior to. It seems like making the assumed affordable good scope, not so affordable because it is not what it is claimed to be.

It is good to see this forum has changed to the good, and is not like it use to be.