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FS-128 and binoviewing

Started by DonDurbin, 04/09/2005 10:22PM
Posted 04/09/2005 10:22PM Opening Post
To All,

My Takahashi FS-128 arrived today. This is a used scope I got off astromart. The first thing I noticed was that the visual back came with two 34mm extensions. You need these to get to focus on a normal eyepiece. Actually that was the second thing I noticed. The first was that the scope did not come with a 2" visual back. This was going to severely limit my OCA/OCS choices with my binoviewers.

My club was having a Galaxy quest last night and tonight so I took my new TAK with me tonight. When setting up the view finder during the daylight I noticed that I had an inch worth of in travel focus left when using my Siebert BlackNight without a corrector on a nearby terrestrial object. I was using a Lumicon 1 1/4" lumibrite diagonal. Even though this was a Galaxy quest, Jupiter is a nice bright first target. I put in the Burgess Binoviewer with my 18mm Radians and easily came to focus on Jupiter with room to spare. Switching to my 22mm BlackNights with 19mm Panoptics in them I also came to focus with a little bit of room left. I found that if I put the Radians in the Blacknights I came up a little short on focus. I think most people might be OK but I view without my glasses and I need more in-travel than someone with 20/20 vision. The Panoptics need less in-travel.

So basically I did all my observing for the rest of the night with switching back and forth between the Burgess and the BlackNights without using any corrector at all. Life is good with a TAK FS-128.

Did I mention the TAK gave drop dead gorgeous views? grin

I do not have a 1 1/4" nose for my Denkmeier but if I did I am sure it would have come to focus also without any corrector on this scope. The light path on a Denk is about half way between a Burgess and a BlackNight.

The bottom line here is that a TAK FS-128 using 1 1/4" equipment is a great binoviewing scope!

Don Durbin

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