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Good 10 mm bino eyepieces...

Started by Chad Cummins, 01/05/2004 06:48AM
Posted 01/05/2004 06:48AM Opening Post
I need to get some low power eyepiece pairs and I am not looking for nagler prices... Of the Orion brands do any of them approch the Ultima/ultrascopic level. How low do most binoviewer guys go in focal lenght?

Posted 01/05/2004 09:34AM #1

I have a pair of 10mm Antares Ultimas that are fantastic as far as sharpness and contrast. They are easily as good as my UO Orthos and Nagler type6's. But I have heard reports of less than stellar results on these ep's from a guy on the Skyquest Telescope group that i would trust. So, maybe some variation in production. I got mine from a right nice fellow here on Astromart and they are very good.

The Orion Ultrascopics are the same thing. They are a bit more, though.

My focal lengths for planetary are:

12.5mm UO orthos
11mm TV plossl
10mm Ultimas
9mm Nagler type 6's
7mm UO orthos

Lots to work with on Jupiter as it is the pickiest of the planets as far as magnification goes. My scope is an 11" f/5.4 Starmaster.

Clear skies,