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Harry's new focal reducer works great

Started by DonDurbin, 09/25/2003 09:25PM
Posted 09/25/2003 09:25PM Opening Post
To any and all who are interested.

I received the new focal reducer from Harry today. It is basically the size of a 1.25 filter. It screws into the bottom of the Blacknight Binoviewer just like any 1.25 filter. I had no trouble reaching focus with this new FLR. I was able to try it out on M31 Andromeda and I found for once I was able to use my 24mm wide angle lenses with my C9.25 without over magnifying Andromeda. Although I have to confess that every time I look at Andromeda with a new toy I am always expecting a little more than what I get.

The only thing about the new focal reducer that I was concern about was that it looked like I might not have enough threads to screw a filter into the end of it. I was pleasantly surprised when my Orion skyglow filter threaded two full turns into the bottom of it with no problem. I have a 1.25 Lumicon UHC filter on the way. I can't wait to try it out on M42 with the binoviewer and the focal reducer.

I do not see any reason that you could not use this on any 1.25 binoviewer that is threaded for filters. It also does not take up hardly any room in your binoviewer carrying case. Although it might be hard to find if you drop it in the grass at a star party.

I guess I will have to be extra careful with it. I donated a couple of lens caps to the grass at the last star party.

Don Durbin
Posted 09/26/2003 05:37AM #1

Can you describe your optical train? Are you using a visual back, 2" or 1.25" diagonal (shorty or regular?), SCT crayford focuser or any other whacky extras. My perfect world would be a C9.25 with an SCT crayford focuser and a 2" diagonal and the binoviewers with star sweeper/focal reducer. But I don't think the 9.25 has enough back focus to accomodate all of that.