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High power in short focal length refractor

Started by adamsdp, 03/05/2005 04:54PM
Posted 03/05/2005 04:54PM Opening Post
I have a Brandon 94 (640mm fl) and DenkII/Powerswitch/Newtonian OCS. Wondering if anyone has any good ideas on how to get to high power (150-300x) without having to resort to short focal length eyepieces.
With the OCS in high power mode (2.5x), I have an effective focal length of 1600mm. To get to 300x, I would need a 5.3mm eyepiece which doesn't sound like a great choice having read posts about troubles merging below about 10mm and the posts about it being better to magnify as much as possible before any binoviewer prisms to minimize optical abberations. Thanks.

Dave Adams
Posted 03/06/2005 05:34AM #1

I have had really good luck with putting a Barlow in front of the diagonal. Some of the Televue Powermates would probably be the best choice here. You could also try using a Sieberts Ultra Barlow. They are the same basic design as the Powermate, and less expensive.

I have found and continue to find many interesting combinations using Siebert and Denkmeier accessories together.
Don Durbin

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