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How bad is vignetting in a binoviewer

Started by DonDurbin, 06/05/2006 03:50PM
Posted 06/05/2006 03:50PM Opening Post
To All,

Here it is and remember you saw it here first!

This is a head to head comparison of vignetting in a 40mm EP with the following binoviewers. The target is a daytime Moon. These images may not show the total vignetting but they show the relative vignetting in the different binoviewer units. The images were taken within a 20 minute span. The order of the images taken is listed below.

1. Burgess BV125C
2. Siebert 22mm BN
3. Burgess 24mm
4. Denkmeier with Dielectric coatings
5. Televue Bino Vue

This is through my William Optics 80mm short tube with the APO upgrade.

1. Burgess BV125C image attached

Attached Image:

DonDurbin's attachment for post 31885
Posted 06/05/2006 03:51PM #1
2. Siebert 22mm BN image attached

Attached Image:

DonDurbin's attachment for post 104269
Posted 06/05/2006 04:48PM #2
The moon is a little smaller in the last image. Was the
setup different?

Can you show picture with no binoviewer?
Posted 06/05/2006 07:20PM #3
Yes, I saw it here the first time smile smile
More requests: can you combine 1. and 3. side by side in one picture making sure that the moon size is the same ? I have troubles due to the way AM shows attachement to see them in this way.
The difference seems to be noticeable, but how it would be with say a ca. 25mm superwide eyepiece, is the 40mm f/l/ overstating the effect ?