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How large, how small???

Started by T.R., 11/25/2005 09:40AM
Posted 11/25/2005 09:40AM Opening Post
How large of an eyepiece can I effectively use on a quality (Denk) binoviewer? I'd like to use a TV 32plossl. Can I go as small as 8mm? Thank you for any input or experience. Any eyepiece types to avoid? Just getting started in this relm.
Posted 11/25/2005 10:31AM #1
I use an AP Baader unint and with them I have a pair of Televue 32's and from there I go to a pair of 18mm Radians then a pair of 13 Naglers the 1.25 inch variety and my highest power is a pair of 9 naglers. I've been told on Numerous occasions to use barlows and extension tubes with the bino-viewers to get the higher powers rather than shorter focal length eyepieces.

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