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If you had $2500 what would you do?

Started by MurrayCarlson, 02/04/2003 05:05PM
Posted 02/04/2003 05:05PM Opening Post
Hello. New guy here. Just jumping in with both feet and all my fun money. (then some!) Here's the question. If you had a C14 and a Pronto with the Coronado max 60 w/BF 30 2" diagonal what bino/ep set would you buy? Pretend you just crawled out from under a rock, didn't know anything about anything and wanted the best views of everything with the best equipment $2500 would get you INCLUDING ep's. I am new enough not to care about being politically correct. I just want the best views. In focus and bright. I am relying on you folks to help me make the best choices here. PLEASE give me your thoughts. I have heard the sales pitches from Russ, Harry, Al and although impressed that I can actually talk to these guys I am confused and afraid of a major mistake. Thanks in advance for your comments.