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is 4" scope big enough?

Started by jake100, 04/17/2007 07:05PM
Posted 04/17/2007 07:05PM Opening Post
I have a C4 is that big enough to warrant the use of B/Vs?
Posted 04/18/2007 02:49AM #1
I have been using binoviewers on my SV102ABV for over a year and a half now. A 4-inch scope works very well with binoviewers. Lunar observing is fantastic as there is no eyestrain, and I am less bothered by floaters. It's great for planets too as you can see more detail with less power. You will loose about 1/2 magnitude in image brightness. This means that your 4' scope will have about the same light grasp as an 80-85mm refractor. You still maintain the same resolution and sharpness of the 4" objective though, so looking at brighter dso's like the Dumbbell and Orion nebulae or M45 is spectacular. Keep in mind that once you purchase your binoviewer, you will succumb to the irresistable urge to buy more eyepieces. wink

David E
Posted 04/18/2007 08:56PM #2
So Don how many scopes do you have? 8O