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Low contrast details and a Bino

Started by XT10, 11/08/2002 01:26PM
Posted 11/08/2002 01:26PM Opening Post
This morning I finally saw the GRS on Jupiter. I could tell that the periphery of the spot was darker than the center and that the equatorial band that it lays in had a greater width on one side - it appeared that the band is almost "bunched up behind the spot". During moments of really good seeing I could tell that there was multiple banding at the poles and "stuff going on" inside the large bands. I could never really put together the fine details because the seeing would change rapidly and my mirror was still cooling down. I think the sun was up by the time my mirror was completely cooled. On one last note to see the really fine details I observed with one eye. My bino seemed to degrade the image just slightly but for the low contrast details on Jupiter it was a significant difference. Has anyone else had this experience? Also, what filter(s) are going to be best for Jupiter?

Clear skies and sleeping babies,