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Naglers in a Denk II w/ Univ. PS

Started by Buck8one2, 10/13/2005 07:12AM
Posted 10/13/2005 07:12AM Opening Post
Hi folks, I've been thinking of getting a Denk II w/Univ. PS for use in a TV101 and was wondering how the Naglers work in this set up. I've searched around on some of the forums and found much talk about various eyepieces but very little if any about the Naglers. Anyone using them? Any comments?
Posted 10/13/2005 05:36PM #1
Yes, I use the 13mm and 9mm T6's in my Vixen FL102S with the Denk II's. I have the dual power switch, but I like just the EP's I start with most of the time. The 13mm T6's spend the most time in my Vixen and NS8GPS and NS11GPS.
Posted 10/14/2005 04:13AM #2
Hi Buck,

I have a pair of 12mm Nagler T2 that I use with my binoviewers, but I still find my favorite pair of EPs are my 18mm Radians.

When I use my TAK FS-128 I do not need any OCA/OCS for my Burgess, Denks, or my Siebert 22mm binoviewers. For really high power views on good nights I find I can use my 4.8mm Naglers on all of those units.

I like the 4.8mm Naglers and the Burgess unit because of the low weight of those units.

For low powered views I like my Siebert 45mm Elites with Siebert 36mm EPs in my Celestron 9.25.