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Need EP recs for binoviewer on refractor

Started by tvdavis, 04/24/2006 03:33PM
Posted 04/24/2006 03:33PM Opening Post
I'm getting a Denk II with double power switch. I will be using it on either an AP 155EDF f/7 or AP 105EDF f/6 refractors. I currently have a Panoptic 22mm, Radian 14mm, Radian 8mm and TV plossl 32mm.

Which of these EP should I but a mate for to use on the binoviewer? I'm leaning towards the Panoptic.



Starsearch Observatory
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Posted 04/24/2006 05:15PM #1

I think the Panoptic is a good choice. I think the Radian would also work out. My favorite pair of EPs are still my 18mm Radians. I slightly prefer them over my 19mm Panoptics.

Don Durbin
Posted 04/24/2006 08:48PM #2
I tried the 22 Pan in Zeiss-Baader binoviewer and did not like it.
Firstly, the tops of the barrels are fat and the eyerelief
is just short enough that could not get my nose between the
two eyepieces. Made for very uncomfortable view. Secondly,
due to the dual 1.25"/2" format the focal plane is very far up
the 1.25" barrel. Hence it needs alot of backfocus, and
would not reach focus in the AP105. It would probably reach
focus if you used some sort of Barlow (Multiplier in Denk speak)
in front of the Denk II. It is great as mono-vision
eyepiece, but is all wrong for bino. Maybe if you have
small nose and big inter-occular you might like it better
than I did.

After I complained to Uncle Al about the 22 Pan he came out
with the 24 Pan -- it is designed for bino use and is much
better choice for bino. I think alot of other people probably
made the same complaint about 22 Pan.

The 32 Plossl is good. Again the tops of the barrels are
fat, but at least the eyerelief is a little better so
you don't have to squeeze your nose in there.

I've not tried the Radians.

Ones I do like alot are the longer focal length Nagler T6,
and 19 and 24 Pans. The Celestron Ultimas are another
favorite, though longer ones will have the backfocus problem
in some scopes; they are easy on budget and good form
factor for bino.