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no vested interest here, but....

Started by Lonnie, 01/28/2003 04:04PM
Posted 01/28/2003 04:04PM Opening Post
I do not currently own a binoviewer and I do not have any intentions to purchase one any time soon. I also do not currently own any Siebert eyepieces. I tend to purchase higher-end eyepieces to go with a Tak-106 and a GT1 mount. I purchased these from Herb instead of somewhere else as a reward for supporting Astromart. I will probably be purchasing a Coronado scope in the near future and it too will come from Anacortes.

I consider the Yahoo groups vital to the growth of amateur astronomy just like I consider Astromart to do the same. I'm just lucky that none of the dozen or so groups that I belong to were wrecked by this person's accusations.

I condemn astro-equipment all the time. I guess I ought to be banned from amateur astronomy for good! I just love to hate my new used Fastar-C11 for instance. I don't know how anyone can really like imaging with a scope with this much mirror shift. I still use it though and I'm going to keep it until I can save money for a Tak Mewlon or RC. I also recently trounced the Meade LXD55 mounts on the equipment forum. I do own some Meade Ultra-wide eyepieces though that I really love. Every company in the low-end of price range does some things wrong. Someone is always going to dislike a product and some products deserve to be disliked by everyone! Mr. Siebert needs to learn this or get out of the business. People need to be able to rate products in this hobby.

From what I've read today, on this and other groups, and from Mr. Siebert himself, it seems pretty clear where the blame lies. I will never own any Siebert anything.

You say OK, no loss. However, some of us have been around since Astromart started long ago. Our club members consider us seniors and I myself am an equipment committee chairman for our fairly large astro-society. I help make purchasing decisions for our entire club and I often give recommendations to new members on equipment including lower-cost items and where to purchase it. I often recommend Anacortes for instance. I will now do my best to see that no one ever purchases anything from Mr. Siebert!

Have a good day HS!