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Poor choice of words - SORRY

Started by administrator, 01/29/2003 11:23AM
Posted 01/29/2003 11:23AM Opening Post
Please take the complaints about Harry to him personally.
He has provided his email to those that would like to continue taking him to task for past issues.
Thank you for respecting AstroMart's desire to move on to more positive binoviewer topics.

Posted 01/29/2003 11:46AM #1
Herb, Are you saying that we shouldn't discuss Mr. Siebert's behavior on this forum? Funneling it to e-mails to Mr. Siebert defeats the purpose of a public forum. We need to know about people like Mr. Siebert, at least I do. Also, Mr. Siebert continues to make public accusations. He must be willing to receive public comment on those accusations. If you are saying we shouldn't discuss Harry publicly, then he will once again have suppressed public comment on his behavior. It's amazing to me that Yahoo, and now you(?), would function in such a way that a person with the lack of integrity that Mr. Siebert has demonstrated is successful in suppressing public comment about that behavior. I think criticism of his actions should be allowed to flower and blossom as long as people wish to discuss it. Paul