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Purchasing a Denkmeier Binoviewer soon

Started by astromart55, 01/29/2003 02:53PM
Posted 01/29/2003 02:53PM Opening Post
Hey, how about an actualy binoviewer post?

I was lucky enough to glean enough info from the Binoviewer group before it's untimely demise to convince me to purchase a Denkmeier unit. Still need a few more sheckles before I can order it. I want to get the 1.25" OCS at the same time. I'll be using it on a Televue 85 and a Nexstar 11GPS. Wish me luck.

Don Wyman

Don Wyman
Obsession #1166 18" f/4.5
with Argo Navis and ServoCat
WO Megrez 90 APO
Coronado PST
Posted 01/29/2003 03:00PM #1
I think you will be *quite* happy with it Don. It's a top of the line unit, and Denkmeier is a GREAT company to deal with. From what I've seen Russ works his ta*l off to keep his customers happy.

I'm saving for one of theirs myself.

Tom T.
Posted 01/29/2003 03:04PM #2
Hi Don, Me too. (Buying a Denkmeier, that is - BTW, the lack of quoted text in these posts is very frustrating). But I need to know more. I don't even know wht a OCS is, for instance. But I think I'll wait for the binoviewer group to come on line again to ask all my questions. Using the format here for discussions is more than a little frustrating. To Herb, thanks for providing the temporary forum. It served a good purpose for this little interim. Paul