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Ranking the best Bino's

Started by Mike Sandy, 09/26/2003 08:25AM
Posted 09/26/2003 08:25AM Opening Post
There have been several posts that ask about "Dream Binos", the best bino, and best values. I'm just wondering how folks would rank the top five Bino offerings (or more if that makes sense) - on a performance only basis. Value is in the minds (and wallets) of the buyer so I'm asking for the ranking from a pure product quality, design features, and optical performance standpoint. I've read the shootouts - I've heard the after all that how do you rank them? Please let us know which you have had a chance to view through. Me first?? okay here is what I'm thinking I understand:

1) AP/Baader (either the new Mark V or the older model)
2) TeleVue
3) Denk II
4) Denk Std
5) BW Optic

I've owned and used the TV and AP/Baader units - the others are opinions I've developed from what I've read. How would you rate them?

I'd like to do the same kind of "ranking" with eyepiece sets.....but performance there is so dependent on the scope you are using I'm not sure how to rank them.

Posted 09/26/2003 09:57AM #1
What about the Black Nights from Siebert Optics?
Posted 09/26/2003 06:57PM #2
Well, I don't know which is the best, but there are a few things that I have learned in the past few months with the Televue binovues.

First, 2x is too much for a corrector. I have a moderate focal length dob at 1200mm, but I sure do miss the wide field views. Even with the 24 Pans, I'm stuck at .7 degrees. This is intolerable for most deep sky work. But the 2x corrector is a marvelous piece of optical engineering and is fantastic for high power views.

The lack of a filter option is somewhat annoying. I compensate by putting one filter on one ep and leaving the other unfiltered. This has interesting results, not always desired.

The ep holders are very solid. The coatings are impeccable. The price is high, but fair.

My Denk standards with the two OCS's are in the hands of Mr. Postman and should be back tomorrow. The first thing I'm going to do is put the 2" OCS on one of the binoviewers and do some low power sky sweeping. I haven't had a chance to do that yet with the 24 Pans and I'm very excited. Then I guess I'll have to get down to the nasty job of figuring out which binoviewer I'm going to keep. I'll let you know how it goes. Tough job, eh? I have contemplated selling both and getting the Denk II. But I have grown attached to the Televues and talking to Al, so that would be a tough one.

Clear skies,


Posted 09/27/2003 06:26AM #3
Maybe it's just me, but it seems kind of silly to rank/rate something you've never taken the time to try. Kind of flies in the face of fairness.
Just my opinion.
Posted 09/27/2003 08:12AM #4
I have to agree with Tom,I can only rank the ones I own.I have a Black Night on order from Harry and own A BW-Optic.
So I guess I voted with my wallet.This gives me two binos
one to to use myself and one to share with others at star parties.I have two scopes and a second binoviewer will keep
my wife happier.Once you have looked through a telescope with both eyes you don't want to use one eye.My wife is new to the hobby and never got started using just one eye so a second binoviewer made a lot of sense.Harrys bino won the cost vs benefit contest.I will comment on how the to binos
compare to one another when I can. Clear Skies, Scotty