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Re: Denkmeier (Denk) Standard vs. Denk II

Started by toddwx, 08/18/2003 07:26PM
Posted 08/18/2003 07:26PM Opening Post
I recently compared the two binoviewers in several sessions. I really enjoyed the individual eyepiece focusers, although it took awhile to get used to them. The views were very, very similar through the Denk 1 and Denk 2, but at times of steadiest seeing, I believe I saw a tad more resolution and/or intraplanetary contrast in the Denk 2, but it was minor. Also, I may have detected a tiny bit more resolution on M15 at various magnifications in the Denk 2.

Personally, I find this a tough question. If you really want the best, go with the Denk 2, the individual eyepiece focuser alone will assure you the sharpest views more regularly. If you are on a budget there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Denk 1, and it performs close enough to the Denk 2 that it is pushing my "fairly" experienced eyes to the limit.

Todd Gross
Posted 08/18/2003 09:14PM #1

Again, thanks for the work.

Did you see any color difference between the two ep's in the Denk or Denk II? There have been a couple reports of that and I was wondering if everyone saw it.

Clear skies,