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Re: Denkmeier (Denk) Standard vs. Denk II

Started by Harry Drutok, 09/13/2003 02:22PM
Posted 09/13/2003 02:22PM Opening Post
Hello Folks,
It has taken almost three weeks, but I finally looked through a pair of Denk IIs last night with my C-14. While I can tell that the quality of the unit was top-notch, I couldn't get the image to merge. The owner of the BV had no problem. I do wear glasses and have the same problem in binoculars.

I guess BVs aren't for me sad

Posted 09/13/2003 06:34PM #1
Drat! I'm glad you had a chance to try them out first. If you ever have the opportunity to try again, do. Can you observe without the glasses? I guess if they are for astigmatism, probably not. If they are for mismatched eyes, maybe the dual diopter adjustment on the Denk II's would allow you to observe without them. Did the Denk II's you tried have the dual diopter adjustment feature?

Clear skies,

Posted 09/13/2003 07:24PM #2
Hi Harry. Just curious, what eyepieces were you using? Did they have rubber eyeguards or eyecups? I couldn't merge at first either. I was using Orthos, 18's and 25's. I found that once I added the rubber cups I had no problems. Don't need them now though.

Pat G