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Re: monoview or binoview?

Started by johnpiper, 08/31/2003 07:09AM
Posted 08/31/2003 07:09AM Opening Post
I'm fairly new to this but that doesn't stop me from having an opinion ;-} I use the Nagler 3-6 zoom on a TV 76 with a Telepod mount, and I also have a TV Binovue on which I use dual 8-24 TV zooms and a few other EP sets). The bino view is vastly more satisfying for me than cyclops mode. I can 'see' things well enough using a single EP, but the image just doesn't give me a visceral impact or stick in my memory very well. The binoview give me a more natual and comfortable view so that I can ignore the equipment and focus on the seeing.

I only use my single EPs for viewing (24 & 12mm Naglers, 3-6 zoom) because 2 wouldn't fit in the binoviewer or they'd be too expensive. Some people can't get a good merge of a binoview image, especially at higher powers, so it'a always a good idea to try it before buying. I saw a TV Binovue on the classifieds yesterday for ~$800, that's a good deal, they seem to be coming up for sale used more frequently as the 2" Denkmeiers are being talked up so highly on the forums. There are a number of other good binoviewers on the market as well. In my opinion the binoviewer is the most important piece of equipment, afer the scope and good EPS, that makes viewing enjoyable.