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Re: Problem to join Siebert Optics

Started by fblue, 05/09/2006 07:32PM
Posted 05/09/2006 07:32PM Opening Post
Is this the address you are using?

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Posted 05/11/2006 03:17PM #1
The last couple of time I just called him on the phone.
Not sure why the email is not working. I just tried this email address and got an instant response that they would get right back to me. So I have no idea of why you are having problems.

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Posted 05/12/2006 04:18AM #2
Thanks everybody...

I still didn't understand the problem, but I'm thinking it's the mail server I use.

I now use an other mail server (and address) and receiving automatic answer form Siebert Optics...

Thanks again and regards,