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Sharpest Binoviewer results?

Started by Michael Koons, 12/26/2005 07:01AM
Posted 12/26/2005 07:01AM | Edited 12/26/2005 07:50AM Opening Post
I have been questioning varying results with my current Denkmeier with powerswitch. Some eyepieces(actually all) have a bit of color in the right side. But, with the optics out at mid power it seems to be minimized(though still there). I have developed a preference for high power 180-250 planetary viewing when seeing permits, the lowest power used is the 19 panoptic pair. I am wondering what the sharpest view with best light distribution and throughput in this magnification range can be had. Should I remove the power switch and purchase MORE eyepieces.....remove part SR and run the bino straight in.....though the Denk is great for deepsky and very strong for planets, being my lowest power used is the 19 pan and vignetting is not a concern, are there binos which may perform more crisply at high power but have smaller aperatures????? Any feedback greatly appreciated. I am using a TEC140 any have a variety of EP's, 7.5 Taks, 14 Radian, 12 Konigs, 19 Pans, 11 TV plossls. BTW the plossls and Tak are about tied, with the Taks at HP on the powerswitch for contrast and clarity.
Posted 12/26/2005 02:25PM #1
I have a the Baader Mk. V binoviewer. One of the reasons I choose it was for it's superb optical and mechanical quality - second to none. It is less convenient to switch powers with it than the Denk system as the the specially designed glasspath compensators screw in tha nosepiece and barlows/amplifiers have to be manually added as well.

However this is an advantage optically. I can choose extremely high quality barlows/amplifiers, such as the AP Barcon or the Baader FFC. While they are less easy to use than the Denk power swicth, I know the optical quality of my components and can switch them out if something better comes along.

You have a TEC140, a really high quality APO. If you can try it, a Baader Binoviewer is a great accesory for such a scope. Anacortes sells them, BTW!

Posted 12/27/2005 08:05PM #2
I would check a couple things first before considering more eyepieces or different binoviewer. Firstly, I would check your TAK at high power without binoviewer to make sure you are in collimation. Then, if the problem does seem to lie in the binoviewer, I would call Denkmeier and ask questions. From all I have read and heard, the Denks are top of the line. So maybe they need prism collimation...or maybe there is a problem with the power switch. If you are getting flaring it seems something is out of alignment or you have a pinched optic somewhere. I think a call to Denkmeier would be valuable. And please let us know what you discern.