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Siebert Binoviewer

Started by gwirtel, 01/01/2004 12:08PM
Posted 01/01/2004 12:08PM Opening Post
Just bought a 2 year old Siebert binoviewer through Astromart, and boy is it neat. I have never used one before and I love it already. Clear, sharp views, easy to use, not too heavy, and it makes everything in the same orientation as the way my eye sees it, not flipped like my regular eyepieces. Neat. I don't see anything I would improve. A tip of my hat to Harry.
Posted 01/01/2004 03:07PM #1
Hi, Greg!

I thought I'd see you posting here soon. To those on the outside, Greg bought my Siebert binoviewer. It is kind'a funny seeing you post a piece of equipment I was using last week! I'm glad you are enjoying it. As for myself, I'm still waiting on my Denk II and a pair of 16 T5 Naglers, which I'm hoping show up tomorrow. ;-)

Greg, a word of advice if I may. I mentioned to you in a private email concerning...things. Be warned that this group can sometimes (more often than it should) get into Harry debates. Don't be surprised that by posting a favorable response some people might think you are Harry, posting for I mean...

There are a great many helpful and wonderful people here, in other forums, and in astronomy in general. I've been in this hobby ten years now and have loved every minute of it. As for binoviewing, looking with two eyes will become very, very addictive. The only thing I use monocular is my 35 Pan, while everything else is done in a binoviewer.

If you ever get to the Chiefland starparty or down to Tampa, let me know.

Clear Skies,

Tampa, Fl
DenkII, 12.5 f/6 Dob

16" f/4.52 ATM Truss Dob, Discovery Mirror
Denk II w/nags junkie

Posted 01/01/2004 03:57PM #2

I'm gonna start the congratulation train. Nothing like viewing with both eyes per design. Please post your first light experience and share the wows with us. Ask a lot of questions and we'll try to stay on topic and out of the wrastling ring wink

Off to have a peek at Saturn. This morning, when I looked at Jupiter, the seeing was 0 (zero). Oh my goodness, I can't believe I spent all that money on all that astro gear just so I could barely discern 2 bands on Jupiter. If someone were to have that view as their first look, they would box up whatever they had and return it.

Hope your skies are clear and steady.