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Siebert review of Deepsky Binoviewer (Standard)

Started by Darksky, 02/18/2003 08:14AM
Posted 02/18/2003 08:14AM Opening Post
Here is a review of our Standard Deepsky Binoviewer that Harry Siebert (as himself) posted on Excelsis a few weeks ago. The "revenge" thing: I have no clue about what it is even supposed to mean. We believe in the Golden Rule: Live and Let Live. What you would resort to doing to a competitor is obvious to anyone not in a coma.

I received one of the early models of the Denkmeier Bino's and I was quite impressed. They were not complete at that time and needed a little refinement, but that came later. I also helped them to develop an optical corrector that is now called the OCS. This was a great addition to this setup although it was not perfect, it was later improved. (2' OCS) The OCS is a little long but other then that gives good performance. The early models were a little heavy but I hear they have been lightened up a little. The light thoughput was great as you might expect from a unit that has 26mm's of aperture throughout. A slight different color was noticed from side to side but it was not objectionable and in fact this seems to be the case in most Bino's The collimation was dead on. The image quality was excellent as well. In most respects I would say it was as good as the Televue binos I have tried. Although the Televues don't seem to have the slight color difference from side to side. (Not a major issue) For the asking price they are a bargain. The OCS does raise the price some but considering the value for the price, if you have the money I would even recommend them over my 1.25 units and that's saying something (see my new review on Todd Gross's website) So for me to say this, these have to be good.

I am not motivated by a quest for revenge, so even though I have receive some bad hits on my Binos I would never resort to doing this to a competitor. I hope this honest unbiased review will set a good standard for reviews.

Harry Siebert
Overall Rating: 9
Performance:9 Value:10
Weight: 10 (Trustworthy Vote)
Date: 01/30/2003 07:24:09 AM PST
By: Siebert

Posted 03/11/2003 06:25PM #1
What exactly is wrong with that (positive) review? If that is revenge, I would like some too.

Ok ok, I must reveal myself. I am a diehard Tele Vue bino-vue lover and would never buy a Siebert or Denkmeier binoviewer. I could settle for a BW optic in dire financial circumstances but NEVER would I choose the deep sky or Siebert. They are both great but I don't like them. . . . and I can't say exactly why . . . I think I am a Tele Vue and Astro-Physics groupie.