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Siebert vs WO

Started by j.cantrell, 10/29/2005 09:13PM
Posted 10/29/2005 09:13PM | Edited 10/29/2005 09:25PM Opening Post
I was out last night under mag 5.5 skies comparing a set of Siebert Black Knights + Sieberts 1.8 OCA with my WO BVs + the supplied 1.6 Barlow. My impression was that the SBK had a slight edge in contrast, but otherwise the views looked pretty much the same.

The Siebert self centering ep holders worked very nice - well merged images every time I inserted eyepieces. In comparison, the WO compression ring holders sometime required some tinkering to get the images merged after changing eps or adjusting diopter. On the other hand, the Siebert had no diopter adjustment and required that the ep be loosened then slid in and out to adjust for difference between eyes. A case of pick your poison there.

I had to pull the Sieberts out of the focuser a little bit to get to focus - a result of having moved my primary up the tube in order to get enough infocus for my WO BVs. The Siebert BK with OCA will work in a newt with no modification.