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The Cygnus Wall in the North American Nebula, NGC7000

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Solar Binoviewing

Started by rumpledoll, 04/28/2006 03:13PM
Posted 04/28/2006 03:13PM Opening Post
I had never used my Baader Mk.V with my AP Traveler/Baader AstroSolar film setup before. Just inertia I suppose.

Anyhow, I did today. Wow! There is a nice spot group that has almost made it to the center of the sun, and it's trailing companion group moving to be nicely placed as well.

I used a pair of 24mm Panoptics and 13mm T6's with the 1.25X glasspath compensator. Very nice views. The sun really takes on a 3D ball shape, with the limb darkening helping the illusion* along. The solar granulation was very evident, and good inner detail was seen in the penumbra of the main spot. I think that the Sun is a good target for binoviewing.

I want to say again that the 13mm T6's are really spectacular eyepieces in a binoviewer. I like 'em!


*Is it an illusion? The Sun is, after all a ball even if depth peception fails to detect it. So if an illusion is closer to reality than ordinary reality, is it an illusion? And what about that lonely tree falling in the forest?