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Stacking Power Switches

Started by, 06/23/2006 08:07PM
Posted 06/23/2006 08:07PM Opening Post
I'm putting this question out in here and in the Equipment forum: does anyone stack a Double-Arm Power X Switch and a Single-Arm together when using a binoviewer? I saw a post somewhere, and was wondering if anyone has had any sucess with it?


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Posted 06/24/2006 04:37AM #1
Hi Guy,

Denkmeier makes a version of the PowerSwitch diagonal that does this. It is the R2 version.

I have one of the S1 versions of the PowerSwitch diagonal. It was designed for use with single EPs. I did not like the focal reducer in it so I changed it out for another magnification power.

I then found a used single arm PowerSwitch and I can use it with my modified PowerSwitch diagonal. In an SCT this gives me six working magnifications.

I have also found that I can stack the single arm PowerSwitch on top of a Sieberts standard PowerWheel for single EPs. This gave me six powers in an SCT. It also gave me six powers in a Celestron 102 Wide Field Refractor. The lowest of which probably would not reach focus for astronomy, but worked great for terrestrial viewing. The Celestron 102 Wide Field does not have a great amount of in-travel. With my FS-128 I am pretty sure I could get six powers but I do not remember if I tried that yet. I think that setup would also work in a reflector, but you would probably only get five powers.

Don Durbin