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Stellarvues vs Burgess, etc

Started by jtrobins, 03/10/2006 06:28PM
Posted 03/10/2006 06:28PM Opening Post
Hi, I'm interested in your opinions on the Stellarvue binoviewers vs Burgess and the other chinese imports. I take it they are pretty much the same, but the Stellarvue has there own ep holders. Do these do a good job of keeping the eyepieces aligned?

I had some Burgess with the 3 nylon screws. I actually liked them a lot but messing with the screws was sometimes a pain. I eventually sold them and now have Denk standards. The denks are great, but they are so heavy that I often don't use them where I would use something lighter. On my Refractor near the zenith I cannot get a proper balance in declination. Also other balance problems with other small scopes I have. So I'm going to regress a little in quality for something lighter.

So I would appreciate your input, Stellarvue or Burgess (or WO). Thanks very much.