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TeleVue Bino & Siebert 1.8 OCA

Started by glen scott, 02/29/2004 08:24PM
Posted 02/29/2004 08:24PM Opening Post
I finally saw the stars again after almost 3mo of WINTER.
I got my 15in.F5 dob out the door and down the path shoveled through the snow to my observing area behind my home and
tried out my new TV binos with the 1.8 OCA. The first thing I noticed was a greater 3D effect on M42 at 100x than I saw
through my BWoptics. The BWoptics binos are 2000 vintage and not current spec as to coatings. The next targets were Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter was about 35 degrees above the horizon and the seeing in that direction was not the greatest. Both equatorial bands were evident as well as one band South of the equator. This was at 100x which was all that seeing would allow. Saturn was well placed and at 150x
showed slightly better contrast than the BWOptic. Titan,Tethys,Dione,Rhea,and Enceladus were easily seen at
150x. The Cassini division and the C ring were seen at 100x
as well as color and some banding,the shadow cast on the rings by the planet was very striking. Of course just as I was going for MORE POWER the fog came up and in only ten minutes obliterated the stars and ended my observing session at 10:10 pm. The mirror is well cooled down and the temp is a constant 26 degrees and the show is over.
Maximum suckage. The differences in contrast were slight between the two units. No ghosting,false color or merging problems were encountered with the BWOptics or the TV Binos.
The oft reported problem of sticky IPD adjustment on TV Binos at low temperatures did not manifest itself. Eps
used were Sieberts Optics 32mm 50 degree FOV standard and 22.5mm 70degree FOV UltraPlus. I can hardly wait for the
1.3 OCA for my Televue to arrive. Hint,hint. I might even
get lucky and not have 2wks of rain and snow after it arrives. Siebert Optics support of TeleVue binos with low power OCA's that can use filters as well as focal reducers
is a welcome addition of flexability to the TV's superior
performance potential. Thanks Harry.
Posted 03/01/2004 04:38AM #1
Hey Glen,

I know how you feel, but at least you were still using both eyes.

I got my Meade 152 ED back last Friday and the skies were very nice that night. I tried to get my nephew to bring over his Televue BV, but he had to work Saturday so he stayed home. My Black Nights are in for the diopter modification. I am also getting a 1.3 OCA.

So I ended up playing Cyclops and it is boring. After using a binoviewer for so long it is tough to give it up.

I can hardly wait to get my Black Nights back again.