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TeleVue, Denkmeier I, or Denkmeier II

Started by aaronsland, 09/08/2003 10:04PM
Posted 09/08/2003 10:04PM Opening Post
I am new to binoviewers. Have looked through a couple of binos and now know what I am going to do with my Christmas money. :>)
But I would like to hear a little more about the advantages and disadvantages of the TV, and Denk I & II. Is the Denk II really better that the Denk I.
I will be using them on an 11" Celestron SCT and a TMB 100/800 refractor. I own mostly 2' ep's, will I have to invest in 1 1/4" ep's or do bino's accept 2"?
Any comments will be helpful!
Thank you,

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Posted 09/09/2003 03:12AM #1
Hi Michael,What binos did you look through,what features
did they have that you liked or disliked.Also were you able
to try them in your scope.
Posted 09/09/2003 06:10PM #2
Hello Michael. Any of the binoviewers you mentioned above are wonderful instruments. Like you, I have a Celestron 11" SCT (NS11) and a refractor (TV102) and once I had tried binoviewing I was hooked. The only advantage I can see for one company over the other is that Denkmeier offers the complete system, OCS, Starsweeper, etc so you will be sure to get setup right from one company. And Glen is correct, you will need one of these extras for your refractor. By the way, you will probably find that you only need two or three pairs of EP's to cover most of your needs. With my Denkmeier I have found that a pair in the 15mm, 18/19mm, and 24/25mm range is all I need.

Good luck.

Pat G.