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The new A/P German bino's are in !!

Started by MurrayCarlson, 02/27/2004 09:59PM
Posted 02/27/2004 09:59PM Opening Post
Just got a call that my name is up for a set of the new German bino's A/P is selling. (8 months later).
They claim 9.8% improved light passthrough than the old model. I am willing to try them out ($1750 after IL tax) and compare to my Denk prem's. Just wondering if anyone else has these yet and and first lights?
Posted 02/28/2004 10:38AM #1
I have a set of the older Baader models, and I believe you'll find the Mark V a wonderful unit - maybe the best of the bunch. I'd love to hear how you think they stack up to the Denk's. I thought they were a step up from my TV units.....but that would be a very small difference. I really like the option of the 1.25x Compensator.

The folks that have viewed through both the new and older versions of the Baaders say the visual difference small, but do you think you can you really spot a 10% improvement on anything but the finest seeing night and smallest details? I have heard mixed reviews on the new eyepiece holders, some have trouble making them work, some love them. I think there is a technique to adjusting them that you just have to get used to. Check the coatings out when you get yours.....they are very interesting.

Enjoy....I think you'll really like the package! Please post your review! It would make great reading.